In a way we go back a long long time. To 1886 in fact when Mayne Nickless was founded.

Regal Removals was established in the 1980s as part of Regal Couriers and Taxi Trucks and then became part of Mayne Nickless when Mayne Nickless went on a buying spree and bought quite a few Melbourne Courier and Taxi Truck businesses. Mayne Nickless then divested itself of the Furniture Removals side of the business, and it has run independantly ever since.

Having been established for such a long time, we are fortunate that we don't need to waste resources on posting false 'reviews' on twitter, facebook and other social media platforms for our work. We largely rely on word of mouth, repeat business and people lucky enough to discover us on the internet, for our work.

We operate from freehold unmortgaged premises, so we're no likely to 'go under and disappear with all your stuff'.

We focus on getting the job done without fuss.

Please feel free to call us for a quote, or use our self service online system.

MOST IMPORTANTLY we promise we won't bombard you with a barrage of follow up calls and emails that try to harrass and cajole you into booking with us. (Which is what most companies seem to do).

And that's not because we don't want the work. Its because we find the practice obnoxious. It's like walking into store and you get attacked by a salesperson before you've even realised you're in there.

With us, once the jobs booked, it will be on our system to be done and there will be no further needless contact until we notify you that we are 'on the way'. Of course you can contact us at any time if you aren't sure about something. The easiest way, if you are already online and its just a quick question is using our online chat. Otherwise just call or email.

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